Welcome to the S3 website, where you can learn more about Science and Society at State, an interdisciplinary research institution that financially supports scholarship across disciplines at Michigan State University. Our mission is simple, to promote interdisciplinary research and education that utilizes methods, approaches, and scholarship from STEM, the health sciences, and science studies (studies of science using methods and scholarship from the humanities and/or social sciences). At its core,  S3 is driven by 3 goals:

  • The promotion of interdisciplinary collaboration on Michigan State University’s (MSU) campus in terms of research and grant productivity
  • Contributing to innovation in interdisciplinary education across STEM, health sciences, social sciences, and humanities disciplines
  • Creating a community for interdisciplinary scholars at MSU whose research and/or teaching straddles the sciences and humanities


Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies

Lyman Briggs College

James Madison College

College of Communication Arts and Sciences

College of Human Medicine

Residential College in Arts and Humanities

College of Music

The Graduate School

Office of Outreach and Engagement

College of Education

College of Social Science

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

College of Arts and Letters

College of Veterinary Medicine


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